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Veteran's Quick Equipment Guide

Veteran's Quick Leveling Guide

  1. Join Eden Group, and do the short quest to get Eden equips and Eden shadow gears.
  2. When doing illusion quests, you may encounter some equips for the illusion set, very good for beginners.
  3. You can keep the Eden accessories and boots, which gives you redux for FCT.
  4. When reaching level 130, you can do OGH normal, which gives you temporal crystal... so that you can get temporal boots.
  5. Also on level 130, you can try to do Orcs memory instance with 2 more players (3 total) and get some Gelstars. Sealed Shrine instance with 3+ people also gives you some Gelstars.
  6. In Starry Island, there are many NPCs which sells equips from previous episodes, 15, 16, 17.1.
  7. When you reach 200 Gelstars, you can buy both Combo Illusion Armor and Cape, this will boost your damage by a bit.
  8. For sustain, do one or 2 times Ghost Palace instance, so that you can buy Thanos weapons.
  9. After reaching out a good damage, you can farm your way to the Bio5 hat, with the enchantments is really good.
  10. Accessories, you can either farm the illusion ones or go for the Thanatos accessories. Boost dmg by a lot.
  11. Some monsters from 17.2 also drop good weapons that boost damage, you can aim for that.
  12. After reaching 230+, go for dungeons and instances and start farming materials. Those ones also drop good 4th class weapons.
  13. Never ending story, just farm you way to the best equips! Wilderness Tickets, Gelstars and Dimensional Fragments!
  1. Quick complete the Academy, doing all side quests inside Academy to get most out of it. (5 minutes)
  2. Get the level 45+ eden gears from Eden. (2 minutes)
  3. @go Prontera, Job Change and then start Normal Leveling in dungeons Ant Hell > Toy Factory > Moscovia Dungeons using Warper Service NPC to warp. (1~2 hours)
  4. When you are 99/50, Reborn and repeat step 2, you may include Magma Dungeon 2.
  5. Get to level 100 and then claim the 43064.pngMigration Pack from Achievements.
  6. Before using the pack, take all 100 monster kill quests inside Illusion Dungeon Team Building and monster kill quests inside Nightmare Dungeon Team Building building.
  7. Complete as many kill quests as you can (don't do those that you can't survive) and before you deliver the completed quests, use the Migration Package and use the 41205.png(R) Battle Manual 50%, then deliver the quests. (2~3 hours)
  8. When completing this you should get around 190+, now you can grind your way up to level 200. (30 minutes)
  9. When hit 200, job change into 4th Job, then do the harder Nightmare Dungeon monster kill quests, and you should get around 230+.
  10. Here is where you stop focus on leveling, and start to progress with equipment. As for traits, focus on 100 POW or 100 SPL.